Looking to Customize Your Car? Part 2

What to Consider When Using a Windshield Tinting Shop

The advantages of having tinted windows are endless. They block out almost 65% of the sun, and a massive 99.9% of UV rays. Not only will this film protect the interior of your vehicle but it will also shield your eyes from&the suns glare, and your skin from&harmful UV rays. Window film makes your vehicle’s glass much more durable, holding the shattered glass together if you are involved in a collision.

When choosing the right tint, research what exactly is allowed in your region. Every U.S state has their own laws on window tinting. Most countries have banned window tinting entirely. Any professional window tinting service will know the law in your area and can give you a certificate of compliance. Fines for windows which are overly tinted can be from&50 to 500 US dollars.

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